Honest advice is hard to come by.

For example:

  1. Your aunt, who is a realtor, says it’s a great time to buy a house.
  2. Your roommate’s boyfriend, who is an insurance agent, says you’re under-insured.
  3. Your workout buddy, who is a financial adviser, says you should be investing more.
  4. Your co-worker, who sells some sort of product via a multi-level marketing company, says you should sign up, too.

In the midst of so many mixed messages, how are we supposed to know what to do, when to do it and who to trust?

This paradox of choice either leaves us paralyzed (unable to act) or spread too thin (trying to do too many things).

That’s why I started Makemoneyonlinecool – to make sense of the madness.

I’m a money nerd with first-hand experience:

  • Refinancing and underwriting mortgages
  • Opening bank accounts and issuing loans
  • Selling mutual funds and insurance
  • Studying behavioral economics*
    • *this is a fancy term used by people trying to sound smart that could easily be explained as “why you do what you do”

My mission is simple:

I want to help you make smart financial decisions.

Worst case, I’ll help one person.
Best case, we’ll start a movement.